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A Guardian is risen from the dead by a mysterious visitor, and must now navigate the strange world that surrounds him...


Welcome to our first project made as an IMMERSIPLAY! Something that has been a deeply passionate project for all of us. A unique blending of various different styles of storytelling. We hope you enjoy our journey into this new territory, and we hope you stay for the ride. What is Immersiplay: Immersiplay is the unique blend of immersive roleplaying, lets plays, scripted original gameplay, and extremely high production value that is meant to create a seamless experience blurring the lines between actual game content, and faked elements. We do this with professional VO, writing, VFX, gameplay capture, cinematics, sound design, audio mixing, and much more. The idea is to do all this work so it feels as if our original work blends into the game perfectly with a completely fabricated narrative and characters.


Learn more about this new format here:


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